Clayful Pottery Designs by Valerie McMorris

Valerie McMorris lives in New York City as a performing artist, visual artist and small business owner. She has shown ceramic work and bead work in local gallery shows, fairs, flea markets and craft shows. 

To Valerie Clay is a joyful medium and offers many rich designs, styles, colors and textures with which to experiment. She is open to all forms and styles and loves to experiment. Valerie is inspired to create and the medium of pottery is a special favorite. Valerie enjoys the play of clay; how it feels to throw, sculpt and manipulate pieces. 

Pottery offers Valerie a creative mental space that restores balance. Valerie is inspired to bring other facets of her artistic ability to pottery and likes to experiment with color and design as well as structure and form. She enjoys focusing on classical ceramic forms but leans towards modern expression in her own work.

As a Pottery teacher, Valerie likes to inspire  others to explore their own creative ideas and encourages students to find their unique voice in the world of ceramics- utilizing form, textures, carving, hand building as well as wheel throwing and exploring multiple glaze processes. 

Valerie enjoys teaching pottery and teaches both throwing and hand building to children and adults at Mugi Pottery Studio. Valerie also teaches pottery at the Carter Burden/Leonard Covello Senior center in New York City.

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